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About Us

Company Profile: Agensi Pekerjaan eLand Sdn Bhd (eLand Agency)

eLand Agency was founded in 1998 and established as a private limited company in 2002 under the name Agensi Pekerjaan eland Sdn Bhd, after obtaining a license to operate from the Ministry of Labour. With our expertise in foreign workers recruitment, training, outsourcing, and management for almost 25 years, we have become one of the most reputable foreign worker suppliers in the region.

Expanding Overseas Business

In 2008, we expanded our first overseas business in Phnom Penh, Cambodia as AP eLand (Cambodia) Manpower Solution Co Ltd. We specialize in Cambodia general worker and domestic helper recruitment, as well as provide skilled training and basic language teaching before sending them to other countries to work, especifically Malaysia.

Extensive Reach

We have the ability to provide over hundreds of potential candidate biodata from Nepal, Myanmar, Cambodia, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka within one working day. Moreover, we can also provide skilled construction workers for Oil and Gas, High Tension Power Plant, and other industries. We also work closely with local HRs to manage hostel and transport for foreign workers and play a role as advisor for HRs in quota application from the Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of Labour.

In the year 2014, our subsidiary company eLand venture sdn bhd was incorporated to serve our clients in demanding cleaning Services. Following 9 years of expansion, we are proud to say that we are well-established as a cleaning and disinfection contractor, servicing both local commercial and household clients. Despite the challenges brought about by the Covid 19 crisis ,

During the COVID-19 crisis of 2020-2022, our company played an important role fighting against the pandemic. We sent out our disinfection team to eliminate the spread of COVID-19 in the community, covering 38 schools in Penang Island FREE of services. Our efforts did not go unnoticed, and our director was recognized as a COVID-19 Hero by the local Penang Government on May 13, 2023.


In 2018, we formed a mutual venture with two counterparts from Myanmar and Nepal. Together, we worked closely as a team to supply workers to local license agencies in Malaysia. We are proud of this partnership and of the collaborative spirit that allowed us to succeed.

Born of Agensi Perkerjaan Manpower4u Sdn Bhd

As of 2023, we have set up another company, Agensi Pekerjaan Manpower4u Sdn Bhd to replace Agensi Pekerjaan eLand Sdn Bhd. Our main objective in founding this company is to obtain License C and share our business concept with new entrepreneurs who interested in invest and expanding together our business across western Malaysia. We strive to provide domestic consumers and FDI clients with better options and make it a "win-win" strategy for all.


in this third millennium era' where human resources have become one of the most important subjects in the field of development globally , hence looking forward in being a part of the global development, We planted a foundation stone in developing ourselves to be the part of Malaysia development , we have been in this services industry since 1998 and still we are moving towards as a well reputation agency who provides the best of our services to our valuable business associates and our long terms support clients and counterparts


Manpower4u is a leading provider of skilled candidates to the Malaysian labor market. Our team is passionate about sourcing the finest candidates from local and overseas communities and  partnering with local and overseas government and educational institutions to provide them with the tools they need to succeed. Our goal is to empower each candidate by helping them find their perfect job match, while supporting local communities by creating more job opportunities.

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